Termite Inspection

Termites are the most destructive insect pests that can damage your property. Termites are capable of causing huge damage and weakening the structure of your property. With MarCon Termite & Pest Control management and prevention services, including inspection, termite damage can be greatly minimized or avoided altogether.

Professional termite companies like MarCon Termite & Pest Control employ highly trained inspectors to inspect your home properly. These inspectors also have a working knowledge of how your home was built and can quickly determine what type of treatment will be most effective with your particular home.

MarCon Termite & Pest Control will perform a thorough examination of your property. During this examination, we’ll not only look for signs of active termites, but also for possible conditions that can lead to termite infestations. We will also check all common termite entry points for signs of termite activity. We’ll make recommendations based on the findings of our inspection, but if you prefer a specific type of termite control treatment, we’ll work with you to adjust and customize your termite control plan according to your individual preferences.