Termite Treatment & Restoration

Termite damage repair and restoration must be done correctly from the very start of the project or else repairs will fail and damage will return. MarCon Termite & Pest Control will do a thorough inspection prior to any repair work to assure we get the job done right the first time. After the report and subsequent complete termite eradication, we begin the restoration process. In most cases, termite repairs include removing and replacing damaged wood using quality materials, sealing the new wood, and priming and painting the repaired areas. We make it look like the damage never even happened. Our workmanship is guaranteed and backed by our 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Company You Can Trust to Be Your Community’s HOA Specialist

MarCon Termite & Pest Control works closely with your HOA to make sure that you get the best possible treatment and repair. With our excellent communication skills, we can deal with active communities, large complex management companies, local boards, architectural committees, and individual homeowners. We have put together a comprehensive checklist that gives all parties a full understanding of the processes involved.

Orange Oil Treatment

Termite control methods using orange oil have proven to be effective and leave a lasting protection against future infestations. Orange oil (known as D-limonene) is extracted from real orange peels and has low toxicity. It is much safer than any other termiticides that are traditionally used to treat termite-infested sites and does not need any advance measures, like moving out of the house, or removing clothes, food, medicine, pets and plants during the treatment period. There is no need to worry about potential roof damage. Call us today and our inspector will give you professional advice about the effectiveness of local termite control methods for your specific situation.

Heat Treatment

This is one of the most popular way to eradicate termite infestation, especially when termites have been located in multiple areas and place when chemicals cannot be administered or dangerous to use. Our licensed exterminator will conduct treatment using fans and heaters (excessive heat) that will circulate the hot air over the affected area until termites infestation has been fully eradicated. Temperature needs to be carefully controlled and area needs to be properly prepared prior to treatment. There is specific temperature and precise amount of time needed that can kill a various termite species (best works for drywood termites, less effective for soil-burrowing types). This method can eradicate other species (cockroaches, bed bugs, ants) at the same time as well.

Heat treatment for termites is chemical-free, but it’s not free from potential hazards.Items what can be damaged from heat needs to be removed prior to treatment. After this treatment, you will need possible preventive measures to keep termites from coming back to your house.